ADD Causes

What causes Attention Deficit Disorder?


The Tole Research shows, food that contains artificial coloring and preservative will affect the fetus brain. Food additives and sugar might be the reason causes the kids hyperactive. Some of the ADD kids avoid sugar and food artificial can help to reduce the hyperactive symptoms. However, this factor did not prove by any test. The Tole research shows, diet treatment can help most of the ADD kids to reduce the hyperactive symptoms.

Smoke, alcohol and drugs

If the mother smoke, drink alcohol and taking drugs during pregnant may increase the risk of ADD for kids. Cigarette, alcohol and drugs may cause fetus’s brain not enough of oxygen.  When neuron did not have enough oxygen to work, the cells may not active or will be damage. This causes brain development problem.

Brain injury

Kids with ADD might causes by brain injury. Kids experience brain injury before or after born will also cause ADD. Especially frontal lobe damage will causes ADD symptoms occur.


Most of ADD case, the kids who diagnosed with ADD their parents or relative also have a different level of ADD symptoms. Due to Chinese Master Research, genes are one of the important factors that causes ADD. If one of the close relative has ADD or ADHD, you are in the high risk level to get ADD. In the Chinese Master Research paper shows, DAT1 and DAT4 is the two of the main gens cell that causes ADD.

Expose under toxin

Expose under toxin for a long period will causes brain cell damage. Building paint have a high level of toxin, it will causes a ADD for fetus or kids.

Scientist still not sure what causes Attention Deficit Disorder. Having the above factor doesn’t means that you will get an ADHD child but it do means that you have a higher risk to have an ADHD child.

ADD can be treated using The Tole neuro acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine without any of the side effect.



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